EGF Lip Treatment

Of the most recently developed anti-aging treatments, EGF has been getting a lot of attention and has now been adopted by CS Orthodontic Clinic.


EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), used in a lot of cosmetic products,  revitalizes your skin, making it seem younger. In fact, EGF is also found in our saliva (in small amounts) and it is able to help regenerative healing of the oral mucosa.


At CS Orthodontic Clinic, we use the Finnish EGF medical product, BENEV.

EGF Lip Treatment

Our lips go through a lot each day, laughing, streching, pursing in anger, eating salty/greasy food, etc.. Even if you wash your face every day and clean your teeth after every meal, your lips are still exposed to a lot and it can become hard to take care of them.


You may have noticed that lipstick on older women can sometimes be particularly shiny and oily. This occurs when the lipstick cannot stick to the lips properly as the lips have become dry and hardened. 


As time goes on it gets harder and harder to take care of your lips, which can be relieved with the EFG Lip Treatment.


Before treatment, the appropriate amount of medicine to be used will be determined based on the condition of the patient's lips.

EGF Lip Treatment Price List

EGF Lip Treatment (15mins) 2,000 yen each time
With teeth cleaning at the same time 1,000 yen each time

All prices DO NOT include tax. Tax will be charged separately.